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This Year: Shop With A Conscience

Most of us have a lot of stuff. Most of us don’t need anymore stuff. This year if you’re shopping for the holidays or asking for gifts, try buying your gifts through one of these groups or asking that your gifts come from one of these groups: Greenpeace, Students for a Free Tibet, the World Society for the Protection of Animals, and Amnesty International. Leave a legacy, not a trail of wrapping paper.

GreenPeace ShopTibet Store

WSPA StoreAmnesty


Watch Your Pocket Change Actually MAKE A Change

WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals) is one of the most far-reaching, international animal protection groups I know of and the value of their work is beyond words. I urge you to really put your loonies or dollars or euros or pounds or whatever to work this year. Instead of that coffee or doughnut or cola or whatever your vice might be, start donating to WSPA and just watch the change your change can make.

WSPA’s New Campaign

I saw this ad in Toronto’s Metro Newspaper when I was on the subway and I was like: what – the – $%&*

A fantastic new event by WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals): click on the poster to check it out!

WSPA Canada Needs Your Help

Please click on the video below and be reminded of what’s going on at this very moment.
Then, if you can, take a huge step in 2009 and donate to WSPA
(the World Society for the Protection of Animals).
The video suggests $20, but any amount will be a fantastic start.
It’s 2009 and people buy $4 coffees and eat $10 burgers.
A few dollars here and a few cents there & you can make a serious difference in this world.
And it’s a lot more fulfilling than a mocha-latta-whateva’, eh?!?!