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More Than Birds & Bees [Credit: Maclean’s Good News]

Starting next fall, schoolchildren in Ontario will learn more about sex, and at an earlier age. The update to the province’s sex-ed curriculum – the first since 1998 – covers societal changes such as the legalization of same-sex marriage and the rise of sexting, and puts a focus on abuse, gender identity, and risky behaviours. Some parents protest that the new information is too frank. But it isn’t anything that can’t be easily found – in far more graphic detail – on the internet. Talking honestly and openly with kids about sex and its complexities is a good thing, and an important step toward creating health and happy adults.


These faces just make me smile…and want to travel!

I love to teach. I love to travel. I hope I have many years ahead of me so I can do both & meet as many smiling faces as possible in as many pockets of the globe that I can reach!

It’s Official: I’ll Be A Teacher In India This Spring!

I just received my confirmation from Projects Abroad that I’ve been accepted as a teacher in one of their schools in the southern province of Kerala in India! I’ll be there (hopefully) from late April until mid-June teaching for about a month and backpacking for the rest of the time.

I’ve got my Lonely Planet guide ready….now I just have to get through 3 months of university before I go!