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Tell LEGO to dump Shell from trying to clean up its image with our kids

imageIf Shell could, it would drill for oil on every corner of the globe. So more than 5 million people have joined together to stop Shell from endangering one of the last pristine places on Earth: the fragile Arctic. Those who have acted know what this place represents, and understand that to save the planet and save the Arctic is to save us all.Shell is using Lego to clean up its image for dirty oil drilling. Tell Lego to cut ties with Shell and save the Arctic


Alberta’s Tar Sands vs. Our Fresh Water. The most important 3 minutes you’ll spend all week.

Animated sequences from the feature documentary H2Oil explain, in a nutshell, the issues and problems associated with oil/tar sands production in Canada.

Two Canadian News Stories That Should Be Getting More Headlines Than How Many Medals We Won in Sochi

In the past two days I read the following news stories from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and CTV news respectively:



While I don’t discredit the excitement of the Olympic Games, I just find it devastating to hear Olympic talk absolutely all day in every social media platform, but I haven’t heard anyone talk about the fact that:

  • Alberta’s tar sands are leaking into our ecosystems and poisoning our water. While environmentalists have been saying this for years, a federal study has just confirmed it (glad the feds had to spend our tax money to prove the obvious).
  • our Conservative government under prime minister stephen harper (I have so much loathing for him that I can’t even capitalize his name) seeks to devastate more natural habitat for more oil & gas.

…boreal forest used to live here

Nope, I Don’t Trust the Harper Government On This One

I don’t trust the Harper Government in general. And I really don’t trust the guy himself in his oil/money hungry ways. This is from the February 2013 edition of Reader’s Digest. Click the photo for full story.