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DryDock….a bit of a dream, really!

So here I am in DryDock with the Marco Polo cruise ship in Malta. For anyone that doesn’t know what DryDock is: it’s when a ship goes into intense repairs & renovations at a pier that’s empty of water so the ship can be worked at HARDcore! They sail the ship into a berth & then close it off. Then all the water is drained and you’re left with a dry ship!
It’s been a BREEZE for me. Matt and I are the only cast members that are still onboard. Our schedule usually goes something like this: Morning: sleep. 1:15pm Get out of bed and go for lunch. Early afternoon do some sightseeing around Malta. Late evening do some minor work in the ship office. Later evening watch movies and fool around on the internet. 2-4am fall asleep!
The conditions onboard are WAY better than I ever imagined. I had heard horror stories, but we’ve had none so far. There has always been electricity. There are certain times during the morning/afternoon where they’ve had to turn the water off. But it’s always turned back on by the early evening. The food is WAY better than I expected. It’s a buffet every night & I’ve honestly had some stuff during drydock that is better than the normal food onboard this ship!
And here are the pics of the ship:

Marco Polo Ship Life!

These are just more pics from the ship! We had a punk-themed crew party which was a BLAST and we did the crazy nautical traditional skit “If I Were Not Upon The Sea”. NUTS

National Geographic Endeavour

I’ve now seen 2 pretty damn cool ships since I’ve been on the Marco Polo. The most exciting, for me, was the GREENPEACE Rainbow Warrior ship. I flipped a lid as I sat eating dinner on my ship as we sailed past it!
And more recently in Ushuaia we were docked with the National Geographic Endeavour ship.

It’s Official – Best Antarctic Season Ever!

The votes, comments, and ratings are in: this was the best Antarctic season that the Marco Polo has had. The weather was STUNNING. We only had 1 rough crossing through the Drake Passage. My cast received the highest ratings that any cast has ever received on this ship and we’re also the 3rd highest rated cast in the entire fleet. Not bad for the Blue Canoe!!!
And now: the last photos of me & penguins to be posted here! I PROMISE!!!!