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The Quest for Cheap Contact Solution in France

One thing I’ve always been amazed at in France is how expensive contact solution is. It’s usually only found at an optician’s store or perhaps a pharmacy and, compared to most countries, it’s extremely pricey.

This post is simply for the many people out there looking for affordable contact solution in France. In my own search I found many blogs and forums with travellers and expats voicing their surprise over the high price. But rarely did anyone post about where to find the cheapest. So here’s what I found:

IMG_20150216_120309_editHans Anders. At least in Lille, Hans Anders has (by far) the best prices for contact solution. Their store-name brand is about 5 euros cheaper than most other places, and you actually get a larger bottle! They also have a travel-sized bottle (within the 200ml carry-on allowance for liquids) perfect for vacation.

Find a Hans Anders location near you here.Find a Hans Anders location near you here.