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What Goes Down the Drain Shouldn’t Be Out of Sight, Out of Mind

I’ve known for year that Sodium laureth sulfate was in most bath products we buy. I’ve known that it’s been proven to cause cancer, organ-system toxicity, and irritation. But I never thought about how devastating it is to our environment & waterways after it washes down the drain.

Check your bottles of soap, shampoo, body wash, +++ and see how common it is. Then, never buy products with it again. Ever.


Check out this site for detailed information regarding your health and how this chemical can harm you: http://safecosmetics.org/article.php?id=288


Tell LEGO to dump Shell from trying to clean up its image with our kids

imageIf Shell could, it would drill for oil on every corner of the globe. So more than 5 million people have joined together to stop Shell from endangering one of the last pristine places on Earth: the fragile Arctic. Those who have acted know what this place represents, and understand that to save the planet and save the Arctic is to save us all.Shell is using Lego to clean up its image for dirty oil drilling. Tell Lego to cut ties with Shell and save the Arctic

Two Canadian News Stories That Should Be Getting More Headlines Than How Many Medals We Won in Sochi

In the past two days I read the following news stories from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and CTV news respectively:



While I don’t discredit the excitement of the Olympic Games, I just find it devastating to hear Olympic talk absolutely all day in every social media platform, but I haven’t heard anyone talk about the fact that:

  • Alberta’s tar sands are leaking into our ecosystems and poisoning our water. While environmentalists have been saying this for years, a federal study has just confirmed it (glad the feds had to spend our tax money to prove the obvious).
  • our Conservative government under prime minister stephen harper (I have so much loathing for him that I can’t even capitalize his name) seeks to devastate more natural habitat for more oil & gas.

…boreal forest used to live here

Canadian? Vote Conservative? Think the environment’s important?

[From the David Suzuki Foundation]


While rolling in the profits from the fossil fuel industry, Harper’s Government has done the following.

Something I’d Like to Leave Behind with 2013: Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Canada’s “leader” has once again fallen prey to the shortsightedness that is going to plague our country for years to come. For immediate economic gain he has made decisions that have implications that may be irreparable….but he’ll be long gone by then, so I don’t think cares. He seems to care only about his immediate legacy. THIS will be his legacy:

  • Cut Environment Canada’s Budget by 20%
  • Cut Climate Change & Air Pollution programs by 59%
  • Cut the cleaning of contaminated federal sites by $19 million
  • Cut Wildlife Protection by $3 million
  • Cut Natural Resources Canada’s budget by 21%

So it’s no surprise that Canada still ranks DEAD LAST among all wealthy nations when it comes to environmental protection.



The tar sands in Alberta, which Harper loves, supports, and provides subsidies for, are dramatically changing & killing the landscape of Alberta.

THIS is what Harper’s immediate economic gain looks like.



HOWEVER, despite all his cuts to environmentally friendly endeavors, he IS funding corporate tax cuts, because millionaires need more millions. He continues to provide subsidies to tar sands development, because million-dollar industries need financial breaks. Oh, and he’s buying more fighter jets and planning on opening more prisons (look south to the USA to see how well that went there).

Greenpeace News….why aren’t your reading it?!?! Click The Pic!