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Blackberry Travel: Best Travel App I’ve Ever Seen

imageThis app continues to baffle me with how amazing it is. For frequent travellers, especially for business, I see why Blackberry is still the way to go.

I just booked two flights. When I received the confirmation email from the airline, Blackberry Travel automatically loaded all the flight details into the app & my phone’s calendar. It includes everything: date, departure & arrival times, flight number, booking reference number, confirmation number, flight company website & contact, +++ image

It’s an active app so it constantly monitors the flights: automatically updates time changes, gate changes (yes, it even tells me what gate to go to), etc. It tells me the current weather forecast & time for my departure & arrival cities. It’ll even take me to other travel apps to help with city guides, maps, and translation for foreign languages.

From right in the app I can book a hotel (with a low-price guarantee), rent a car, or book a private vehicle for airport transportation. It adds all details right into my calendar & phone so I never need to worry about losing reservation info. It’s all right here.



I like all sorts of fruit, but Blackberry is my fav. Here’s why:

After a scary drowning incident in the torrential rain that Mother Nature likes to spit out all over Nantes while I ride my bike, I had to rush my BlackBerry into emergency care. It was a stressful period while it recovered in intensive care. The poor darling had to endure the following:

  • Total dismemberment to dry the rain both outside and in
  • Surgical removal of its face(plate) with eye-brow tweezers (SO glad I brought those along to France…thanks AVON!)
  • 12 hour submersion in a bowl of Quinoa (all the online help forums said to use rice, but I had to go one step hip-per…… and I didn’t have any rice anyway). This helps absorb extra moisture in the phone
  • Occasional visits to the blow-dryer in the university washroom to keep things dry

We went through a few crazy days. My little Blackberry was disoriented & would randomly start calling people while I was in class (Hi Grandma..Hope you enjoyed listening to my French class!) and flipping through all sorts of screens and apps. I’m happy to report that it’s now in almost tip-top shape.

So I give huge kudos to Blackberry who clearly made a solid phone. Not only is this phone 3 years old, but this is the 2nd time I’ve had a little water-damage incident with it. And it’s still kicking. From what I know of my own past experiences with other phones and those of my friends, this is a well-made product that’s been around the globe with me (and worked everywhere), dropped countless times, sat on, and soaked in the rain.

Sadly, it’s starting to get old….I notice it forgets things now and occasionally has an accident. Thankfully, BlackBerry 10 isn’t too far around the corner. It’s not a replacement, it’ll just be time to move on!