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Blackberry Travel: Best Travel App I’ve Ever Seen

imageThis app continues to baffle me with how amazing it is. For frequent travellers, especially for business, I see why Blackberry is still the way to go.

I just booked two flights. When I received the confirmation email from the airline, Blackberry Travel automatically loaded all the flight details into the app & my phone’s calendar. It includes everything: date, departure & arrival times, flight number, booking reference number, confirmation number, flight company website & contact, +++ image

It’s an active app so it constantly monitors the flights: automatically updates time changes, gate changes (yes, it even tells me what gate to go to), etc. It tells me the current weather forecast & time for my departure & arrival cities. It’ll even take me to other travel apps to help with city guides, maps, and translation for foreign languages.

From right in the app I can book a hotel (with a low-price guarantee), rent a car, or book a private vehicle for airport transportation. It adds all details right into my calendar & phone so I never need to worry about losing reservation info. It’s all right here.



Christmas Lists – 2012 Edition


Do I want that snazzy new BlackBerry 10 phone that’s coming out soon? You bet. Do I want a killer new jacket to turn some heads while freezin’ my nim-nams off in Canada? You bet. Do I want an AVON gift basket so I can pickle myself each night before bed? Of course.


Do I need it? Nope. Not at all. Not a bit.

So this holiday season, I suggest some of the following to shoppers out there: Those shopping malls packed with stuff and packed with people? We don’t need any of it. And I’ve heard time & time again that one of the worst feelings in the world is feeling obligated to buy someone something. So don’t. Don’t feel obligated. Marketing has done a wonderful job of programming us to think we need to. But don’t buy something just because you feel you have to buy something for someone. You don’t have to buy anything for anyone. It’s as simple as that.

But if you do buy gifts, buy with a heart and a brain. Take an extra minute or two to think about the consequences of what we buy, where it was made, how it was made, how it got here, etc. I recently read a quote in France: “Pourquoi just consommer quand on peut consummer juste?” Meaning, why just shop when we can shop justly? And it’s true.

For some ethical shopping ideas, check out the links below.

image                     image