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Vegetarian in Moscow: A New Russia

When I left Moscow in 2003, it was hard enough to order a salad with no meat let alone find a veggie burger in Moscow. Thankfully, times have changed.

There are now not only places to find vegetarian food, but also growing online communities to help the vegetarian in Moscow.Even regular supermarkets carry vegetarian lasagna, cutlets, burgers, etc.

Jagannath [my city-pick favourite!] locations have full vegetarian/vegan restaurants with small shops selling everything from meatless foods and supplements to all-natural soaps & toothpaste. And the Vegetarian Card gives members discounts to vegetarian-friendly businesses around the city.

Most mainstream restaurants have a way to go before I’d call them vegetarian-friendly. But Moscow is definitely taking a step in the right direction.


Seaworld, Marineland, Whaleworld: If you’ve ever gone OR would ever think of going, you need to watch this

Blackfish Official Film Site.

I’m am SO exciting about this film because it will expose more truth behind marine animals in captivity and how the public is repeatedly lied to by multi-million dollar corporations.

Why (some) humans believe it is some sort of right to take animals from natural habitats to perform for us has baffled me for many years. Whether it’s Ringling Brothers, Shriners’ Circus, Marineland, or Sea World, it seems that nature, in some way, gets revenge on man when pushed to its limits.

Just When I Thought I Couldn’t Love Edie Falco Any More!

Edie Falco Reveals Why Animal Circuses Aren’t for Kids

If you ever go to the circus. If you know someone that goes to the circus. If you think for even a minute that circuses still have a place in our society, you should watch this. It’s not gruesome, but informative.

Watch Your Pocket Change Actually MAKE A Change

WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals) is one of the most far-reaching, international animal protection groups I know of and the value of their work is beyond words. I urge you to really put your loonies or dollars or euros or pounds or whatever to work this year. Instead of that coffee or doughnut or cola or whatever your vice might be, start donating to WSPA and just watch the change your change can make.

WSPA Canada Needs Your Help

Please click on the video below and be reminded of what’s going on at this very moment.
Then, if you can, take a huge step in 2009 and donate to WSPA
(the World Society for the Protection of Animals).
The video suggests $20, but any amount will be a fantastic start.
It’s 2009 and people buy $4 coffees and eat $10 burgers.
A few dollars here and a few cents there & you can make a serious difference in this world.
And it’s a lot more fulfilling than a mocha-latta-whateva’, eh?!?!