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My 42nd Street Spots: 10 Years Later

This is a little trip down memory lane for me & the amazing group of people I met during a tour of the musical “42nd Street” to Moscow, Russia in 2002. I’m back in Moscow 10 years later & paid a visit to some of the spots I used to see each day a decade ago. They’re mostly all the same…..just with some added $$$ that seems to be flying through Moscow these days!

The large MDM Theatre is there at Metro Frunzenskaya (Frunzenskaya escalator and metro doors shown here). Mamma Mia is playing at the theatre now. The MyMy/MooMoo Restaurant is still across the street. There’s now a TGI Fridays there so we wouldn’t have to trek across the city for those big Oreo dessert things anymore! The little cafe on the corner is now a large cafe on the corner with an outdoor patio & lots of rich people lounging around. The neon sign still looks like a vagina-coffee bean, though! I don’t know what happened to Bombscare Sushi across the street, but it’s under construction. I struck a pose at Sparrow Hills/Vorobyovi Gory where the cast of 42nd Street was taken on Day#1 in Moscow as part of a grand tour. And I ran into the building where Stockman’s & World Class Gyms used to be and the Arbat Casino down the street where I’m fairly sure we did our show’s opening number on the anniversary of 9/11 if my memory serves me correctly!

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After 8 1/2 months & over 175 performances the Asian tour of “42nd Street” will be closing.
April 6th, 2008 will be the final performance in South Korea. After travelling for 14 months on the cruise ship right into this tour I’m more than ready to get my butt back to Canada!  “Excited” doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel!
So let’s start counting:

“42nd Street” Show Footage – KOREA

Here’s a media clip from YouTube about our show in Korea. It’s got the most show footage out of any television news program we’ve been on so far. So sit back, grab your popcorn, and enjoy your free ticket to the condensed version of “42nd Street”!

“42nd Street” Korean TV Commercial

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42nd Street On “Sexy Beijing”

The “42nd Street” Asian Tour was featured on Sexy Beijing! Check us out.

The Role of “Andy Lee” Will Be Played By…….

Two days ago I got a call from my show’s Stage Manager at 1:00 in the afternoon. As soon as I saw his name show up on my cell phone I knew exactly what he was calling about: I was going on in the role of Andy Lee that night!

The regular jitters hit me: my stomach tightened & my hands were shaking because I realized that I would finally be going on for one of the leads in the show! The actor that normally plays the role is nursing a foot-injury so it was my time to slap on the tap shoes & Andy Lee costume.

I ended up getting to do the role 3 times this week and each show got better and better as I got more comfortable. It’s SO hard being an understudy because you never get to rehearse with the regular actors and you don’t get a real feel for the show until you’re onstage in front of 1500 people!  So it’s a good thing I did my homework and paid attention because everything fell into place, the audience loved the shows, and I even got recognized on the street & got to sign some autographs as “Andy Lee”.

……the normal guy that plays Andy Lee can take his sweet ‘ol time getting better!

42nd Street On “My Show” aka: Chinese Idol

Marsha Yuan (daughter of Pei-pei Cheng who played “Jade Fox” in the movie “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon“) was a contestant on “My Show” here in China. It would be like a Chinese Idol kind of show where viewers vote for their favourite singer. She was in “42nd Street” with us for our run in Shanghai & to celebrate her role in our show we were invited to dance on the season finale of “My Show”!