Something I’d Like to Leave Behind with 2013: Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Canada’s “leader” has once again fallen prey to the shortsightedness that is going to plague our country for years to come. For immediate economic gain he has made decisions that have implications that may be irreparable….but he’ll be long gone by then, so I don’t think cares. He seems to care only about his immediate legacy. THIS will be his legacy:

  • Cut Environment Canada’s Budget by 20%
  • Cut Climate Change & Air Pollution programs by 59%
  • Cut the cleaning of contaminated federal sites by $19 million
  • Cut Wildlife Protection by $3 million
  • Cut Natural Resources Canada’s budget by 21%

So it’s no surprise that Canada still ranks DEAD LAST among all wealthy nations when it comes to environmental protection.


The tar sands in Alberta, which Harper loves, supports, and provides subsidies for, are dramatically changing & killing the landscape of Alberta.

THIS is what Harper’s immediate economic gain looks like.



HOWEVER, despite all his cuts to environmentally friendly endeavors, he IS funding corporate tax cuts, because millionaires need more millions. He continues to provide subsidies to tar sands development, because million-dollar industries need financial breaks. Oh, and he’s buying more fighter jets and planning on opening more prisons (look south to the USA to see how well that went there).


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