UofT Fail: Raising Money & Reserving Education for Those that Have $ and will Make $

After five years at the University of Toronto I have seen a lot of the good things the university is capable of. These good things weren’t necessarily initiatives of the university, but rather by a lot of the good people that work there.

However, as I prepare to graduate I see gross misuse of tuition and changes in the university that are making it more elitist and out-of-reach now than when I entered. And it really bothers me.

Case in point: The UofT Boundless Campaign is raising millions of dollars for the university through donations. It wants student donations, alumni donations, public donations, corporate donations, ANY donations to “explore the boundless possibilities of the university and its community.”

But UofT is not allocating any raised money to the Transitional Year Program for adult students who don’t have the formal qualifications for university admission but show great potential. I have known personally & taken courses with TYP students. They are often well-lived, have tremendous insight, and are engaged members of our UofT community. They want their education. However, they sometimes lack the academic requirements for admission and sometimes the funding to afford UofT. UofT has reduced the number TYP staff, limited its funding, and has made it increasingly stressful to operate.

BUT UofT just announced a ridiculous amount of money is available to attract “top” students to UofT. And I can almost guarantee what type of demographic those “top” students come from. It’s very sad and disturbing to see UofT clearly discriminating through its funding allocation to alter its student demographic & maintain its elite status.


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