You’re Needed To Help Save Toronto’s Waterfront | Save Toronto’s Waterfront.

I’ll admit that there’s something fascinating about sitting at my window watching planes take off & land at Toronto’s Island Airport.

But there’s more fascination in walking along a waterfront that is quiet and where natural habitat has a chance to flourish in an ever-industrializing city.

Porter Airlines head Robert Deluce is the businessman spearheading an expanded runway at the airport. He’s a businessman. He’s concerned about the growth and profitability of his business, not the preservation and care of the environment. He wants longer runways so more planes can take off & land there. And he doesn’t want just more planes, but bigger jets. And not just bigger jets, but bigger jets that pollute more.

It’s all ridiculously short-sighted.

Toronto is currently building an airport rail-link between Toronto Pearson International Airport with the main hub being Union Station which is just down the street from the Island Airport. Why do we need an airport downtown at all with this new rail link zipping passengers to one of the largest airports in the world just a short trip away?

It’s all ridiculously short-sighted.

Of course, the environmental impact is what most concerns me. I watch exhaust stream from behind jets and imagine the people & animals of Toronto inhaling those fumes. It’s the air we breathe.

It’s the air you breathe. You should care a LOT about this.

If you’re a Canadian, sign the petition to protect the waterfront:

Sign the petition!


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