If You Haven’t Had A Baguette Today, You’re Clearly Not In France!


I’ve had my first full whirlwind week in France. It’s had ups. It’s had downs. And in a short time I’ve already learned a lot. Let’s Go:

My first COUCHSURFING experiences were fantastic. For my hosts in both Paris & Nantes, I was their first and they were mine. They were generous with their personal space and their time and they helped me get this French adventure off to a very good start.

But then academic life started and things went nutty for a while! I clearly should have had more than a glass of water for breakfast because everything took longer than expected & I went from 08h30 until 18h without any food or drink!




I went back & forth on this line about 11 times on my first day at the University of Nantes!

But no matter where I went, no matter what part of the city I was in, I could be guaranteed one thing: before long someone eating a baguette or a pastry would walk by!

So here’s a quick glimpse of Nantes….not a bad spot to call home for 4 months



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