My 42nd Street Spots: 10 Years Later

This is a little trip down memory lane for me & the amazing group of people I met during a tour of the musical “42nd Street” to Moscow, Russia in 2002. I’m back in Moscow 10 years later & paid a visit to some of the spots I used to see each day a decade ago. They’re mostly all the same…..just with some added $$$ that seems to be flying through Moscow these days!

The large MDM Theatre is there at Metro Frunzenskaya (Frunzenskaya escalator and metro doors shown here). Mamma Mia is playing at the theatre now. The MyMy/MooMoo Restaurant is still across the street. There’s now a TGI Fridays there so we wouldn’t have to trek across the city for those big Oreo dessert things anymore! The little cafe on the corner is now a large cafe on the corner with an outdoor patio & lots of rich people lounging around. The neon sign still looks like a vagina-coffee bean, though! I don’t know what happened to Bombscare Sushi across the street, but it’s under construction. I struck a pose at Sparrow Hills/Vorobyovi Gory where the cast of 42nd Street was taken on Day#1 in Moscow as part of a grand tour. And I ran into the building where Stockman’s & World Class Gyms used to be and the Arbat Casino down the street where I’m fairly sure we did our show’s opening number on the anniversary of 9/11 if my memory serves me correctly!

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