A Day In The Life of an EXPLORE Student

After spending an afternoon at the beach & preparing for a day-trip to Quebec City, I’ve been asked what exactly EXPLORE is and what us “students” do! We do get to do crazy fun stuff like beach trips, themed dance parties, and trips to Quebec and Montreal, but there’s so so so much more to it…we DO get homework & we DO write exams!

My part of the program is run by Ecole International de Francais at the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivieres. It’s a French immersion program designed to allow us to “vivre en francais” for 5 weeks.

DAY TWO: the countdown. On the second day of the program all students take part in an oath swearing that we’ll speak only French for the remainder of the program. There’s a countdown (ten-nine-eight-seven-six-cinq-quatre-trois-deux-un) and just like that you’re French!

Study Time


7:45 Breakfast

8:30 French Academic Course (3.5 hours) – taught by seasoned professors with experience teaching French as a second language

12:00 Lunch

13:30 Themed French Workshop (1.5 hours) – including Conversation, Computer Lab, Theatre, Chanson/Singing, Community Service, +++

16:30 Sports

18:30 S.O.S. (homework help and study time)

20:00 – 24:00 Theme nights, movie nights, karaoke nights, etc.


2 responses to “A Day In The Life of an EXPLORE Student

  1. Great little update.
    Now…if you’re only permitted to speak French…will your next update be in French?

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