Cheated of Childhood: Russia’s Orphans & Street Kids

I watched this YouTube video months ago & I can’t tell you how upset & saddened I was by it. I found out that stories like that of Max & Yuri’s are, unfortunately, quite common in Russia today, despite the fact that the video is dated. It hurts to see such potential in these boys gone to waste because they have no one to care for them. You can click on the link here to watch it. It’s about 20min long but if you can make it to the end when Yuri visits his grandmother’s house and gives his final little monologue at the end, I think you’ll see it’s worth it. Totally heartbreaking. But worth it:
 And if you’re capable and willing to help OR would just like to learn more: I’ve found an organization that helps orphans in Russia and the Ukraine. Click on one of the logos below:



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