Xi’An & The Terra Cotta Warriors

Xi’An marked a new opening night for “42nd Street” in China! We had 7 new girls in our show & everything went extremely well! No one fell. No one slipped on the staircase we tap-dance on. And there was no blood (even though 4 shows later there actually WAS blood! But she was okay!).
The air in China is really terrible. When I blow my nose the stuff that comes out is literally charcoal grey/black. I can’t believe I’m breathing that in!
We had a group tour to the Terra Cotta Warriors. It was really cool to see what’s come to be known as the “8th Wonder of the World”. What’s even more insane is that construction of these warriors was started in about 246 BC and they just discovered them in 1974! The Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses are considered the most significant archeological excavation of the 20th century & it’s still ongoing. It was built as part of the Royal Tomb of the first emperor of China who ordered 720,000 labourers to build it. The emperor was 13 when he ascended the throne and asked for the mausoleum…of COURSE he’s gonna ask for a bunch of life-size soldiers!

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