So here it is! I’m thankful I was able to come here in the summer because my time was totally cut short this time. We got our 7 new girls for the show this week so, with the other dance captain, I was rehearsing them so they’re ready for their first show in Xi’An!
But I still found time to get some MAJOR shopping done. I got my winter outfit for the cold weather in Tibet and for skiing in Korea!
The shopping markets here are NUTS! You can bargain on pretty much anything from laptops to watches to pearls and lighters! But I tell ya! If you try on a shirt these vicious little girls working at the market expect you to buy it! And if you don’t? Apparently you get a nasty bruise on your arm like the one I’m sporting now! This wicked little gal grabbed my arm and would NOT let go! I left my Billy Club in Canada so I had to sweet talk her and tell her I was a poor student and had no money!

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