Travel Days In China

In between the last few cities the cast has had to travel for about 6-8 hours on a Chinese bus with a Chinese driver on Chinese highways with Chinese rest-stops. Yes: we’re in China! And this is what that entails:

  • We have to ship our luggage a day or two earlier because there isn’t sufficient room under the bus for all our luggage. I’m not sure why they have to send it so much earlier. They just do! So all we get for the trip is our carry-on luggage to last us through that time.
  • We load the bus & have to be self-governing over who gets their own seat or who gets to share (apparently, self-governing doesn’t always mean “fair”!). Because of the large cast, most of us have to share seats. Having a good seat-mate can make or break an 8-hour bus ride! Sleeping is not easy. As you can see in the pic I was neither pretty NOR comfortable on our last bus-trip! I was what you’d call “an unhappy camper!”
  • Gravol. If you’re from the USA and don’t know what this drug is: get it! It’s become our travel-day wonder drug that only the Canadians know about! God Bless the makers of Gravol!
  • Chinese bus drivers apparently like to beep their horns a LOT…even when there are absolutely no cars in sight. This makes trying to take a nap really tough. There are even signs along the side of the road for “no beeping” because it gets so out of control sometimes!
  • Chinese rest-stops: look at the pics below! I don’t think I’m allowed to post the words in my vocabulary that would describe the smell & sight of some of the rest-stops I’ve seen. What you see on the walls & floor is exactly what you think it is.
  • But on top of it all: this is all stuff I’m never going to forget and I’m still loving being in the middle of it all!

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