Hefei was another nice surprise. There was a gorgeous park with a China-riffic amusement park in it. I was seriously like a little kid again.
Our hotel was at a massive Olympic training facility with a fountain-show out front that had water shows choreographed to “42nd Street” music. Sounds cool, right?!?! Try waking up at 8:30am to hear your show’s CD blaring out your window! We also had student volunteer translators at our hotel that were pretty much on-call to help us if we needed it because the hotel staff didn’t know English. Who knew ordering Crispy Spring Rolls would need a translator! But with the prospect of having a gutted crab end up on my table I made sure I was ordering the right thing!
Oh, and the DVD store by our theatre?!?! Somewhat of a curse! Each DVD equals about $0.85 so most of us went a little crazy!

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