Nanjing was another nice Chinese surprise! Lots to do. Lots to see. And LOTS of good food! I got to see the Mausoleum of Dr. Sun Yat Sen and the tomb of the first Ming Dynasty Emperor. Chinese kids are still the cutest things in the world. I’m not tired of seeing pagodas…yet. Neon-light manufacturers seriously need to thank Chinese restaurants for keeping them in business. Our hotel employee boys were some of the tallest Asians I’ve met. There was a COSTA coffee-shop right by our theatre & they are way better than Starbucks. I walked up Purple Mountain with a group, rock climbed a bit, and broke my sun-glasses. And on a late-night possibly half-drunken stroll through Nanjing we came across a hotel named the U-Wanna-Bang-Hotel!
The nice thing about being out of a huge city like Shanghai is that tourists are a lot more rare. Us white kids (gawd, I’m 28 & still call myself a kid!) turned lots of heads while we were here! Last night I was sitting on a bench people-watching and a group of Chinese students came up & asked to have their photo taken with me! Not because I was in “42nd Street” or that they thought I might be famous….just ’cause I’m white!

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