Shanghai – 1 Week Vacation

We arrived in Shanghai late on a Saturday and I boogied out of the hotel early Saturday morning to get a Cirque du Soleil ticket! Talk about a “welcome show” to Shanghai! It closed the weekend I got here so I snapped up a ticket just in time to “Quidam” and it blew my mind.

On about any street in downtown Shanghai you can meet up with locals that will take you through twists & turns and alleys to hidden back-doors! Sketchy? Absolutely! But inside there are rooms with walls lined with Prada, Gucci, Louis Vitton, Hugo Boss, and you-name-it rip-offs and (we’re guessing) stolen goods.

The temples and gardens in the city are totally amazing and peaceful among the hustle & bustle of this huge city. It’s pretty overwhelming at times so I’m trying to pace myself since I’m here for a full month to take in all this stuff! We’re still on a  bit of a 1-week vacation before our show officially opens on September 5th.


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