My First 2 Weeks In China

I’ve just started my 3rd week here in China and things are going pretty well. A little overwhelming. But I’m with a good group! I survived a travel day of about 20 hours from Toronto to NYC to Hong Kong. Then a few more hours to get to Longgang, China where I’m rehearsing.
My stomach doesn’t seem to be adjusting so well to the food! But I’ll give it time. Rehearsals have been intense. If onstage swing & male dance captain weren’t enough the creative team also put me in to understudy the supporting lead role of Andy Lee in the show! So I have no excuse to ever be bored! I got a WICKED blister/sore/cut/gouge in my heel and I’ve been nursing it for over a week now. Each time I put my tap shoes on I want to cry!
We’ve all fallen in love with the Karaoke Rooms at our hotel here, as the pictures will tell! Other than that, there hasn’t been much free time yet so I don’t have too many exciting stories to tell! I’ll get cookin’ on that, though!

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