Watership Down

I’ve been into this book for a while now and I think it’s inspired the name of my dog that I’ll eventually get some day: FIVER!

Watership Down has been labelled as one of the greatest novels of the century. It’s “Penguin Books” best selling book of all time. AND it was rated as book #42 of the 100 greatest books of all time.

Like the cover of the book here says: Everyone who can read English should read it! I couldn’t even get through the epilogue without having to take a few seconds to wipe the tears off on my shirt sleeve! It’s extremely well written and completely readable for a large audience.

Yes, basically it’s about a bunch of rabbits! But it just goes to show that no matter how big, how small, human, or rabbit: We live. We love. We fight. We survive. And like a good book: we come to an end. And the journey between can be a beautiful, beautiful tale.


One response to “Watership Down

  1. best story ever!!! …every time again i read it

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