Chilean Ports, Fjords, and Glaciers

In Vina del Mar the cast had a great day off. We zipped into the city on a train and hit a local crafts market. Then we ate Chilean fast-food…my stomach still isn’t quite sure what it thinks of it!
In Puerto Chacabucco I took a tour of a National Park. It was a beautiful hike with a gorgeous waterfall in the centre. And an “interesting” lunch to finish it all off! Look at the pic of the fireplace and the dead something-or-other on the fire. THAT was our lunch. South America really hasn’t embraced the whole vegetarian thing yet! And I don’t THINK I’m supposed to get drunk tour organized by the ship! But we were given red wine and traditional Chilean Pisco Sours. My gawd! Within 10 minutes I was up dancing with the local folk dancers and partying with all the passengers! It was great!
In Puerto Montt I bought one of my favourite rings I’ve ever had. About 5 hours later I lost it on the ship! I’m STILL upset about it! I’m sure someone picked it up and has given it to a friend as a gift by now because I looked high & low for it! DAMN!
And of course, we passed through the beautiful Chilean Fjords that are full of beautiful glaciers.

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