Let The Good Times Roll!

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to post some of these pics! They’re from New Years Eve up till now…just a bunch of good times!
The first three are New Years Eve with me in my CCCP jacket. There’s a few in  there of us in a hotel room that we got in Ushuaia because we couldn’t stand going back to the ship! There was a gorgeous spa there & we got to relax in the hot tubs and steam rooms and even treated ourselves to massages!
The picture of me & a wonderful lady was taken on New Years Eve on the ship. That is Penny Fitzgerald and if I didn’t have a wonderful mother already I probably would ask her to be mine! She is simply the kindest, most easygoing and happy guest I have met in my entire 10 months on this ship. She has an amazing outlook on life & things in general and sharing time with her is a total treat for me. I adore her. She has been here twice since I’ve been here & is returning in a just a few more days! We met on a tour in France visiting Monet’s gardens. She forgot her camera that day so I put together a photo-CD for her of what we saw. And just like the flowers we saw that day, a friendship bloomed (oh gawd, is that Hallmark or what?!?!!?!!?!?).
And the bottom is a pic of the Yerba boys! It’s a traditional tea-like drink down here in Argentina and Uruguay that you drink out of these cool little containers.

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