Workin’ Hard!

These two pictures are from some passengers (the Oldroyds) that were onboard 2 cruises ago. They’re a GREAT couple and I wish everyone that came onboard were like these two! They were so cool to chat with to hear about their day…AND when I was battling my fierce head-cold they gave me some good advice on how to clear my sinuses…I WON’T show pictures about that part!
This cruise I’m on now is a completely different story! A crew member already got yelled at for messing up a passenger’s hair while assisting them in taking off their lifejacket! I mean: who gives a damn what your hair looks like in Antarctica!!! They’re a bit grumpier….but we DID just get through one of the roughest Drake Passage crossings so maybe that made them foul!
Still: no excuse!

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