The Last Trip To The Last Frontier! Goodbye Antarctica!

I’m on my last cruise to Antarctica & I’m going to miss it. It’s beautiful here & I’ve seen some things that I never expected to see in my lifetime.
BUT crossing the Drake Passage this week was the worst we’ve had all season! The day honestly sucked. There’s no other way to put it! It was so bad that we were even unable to do our shows at night because everything was crashing about & no one could stand in one spot let alone sing & dance around a stage!
Here’s a few more pictures…..they start to look the same after a while! Once this is done we head north to Chile so the scenery will change then!!!
The pic of the boys in red with the brushes is a picture I hope to never be in! These guys are the Antarctic Boot Cleaners. It’s their job to brush the penguin crap off the bottom of everyones boots before they get on a Zodiak back to the ship. BUT they told me that they don’t mind ’cause they get off the ship for the day surrounded by beautiful Antarctica!! I guess it’s not THAT bad! But when you think YOU’VE had a crappy day, just think of these guys!

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