Since I renewed my contract I’ve been bustin’ my rump on this ship! Long days & crazy hours doin’ some of the most ridiculous things that make me laugh when I look at the line on my contract that says “Production Cast Singer”!!
But today as we sailed into Antarctica I realized just what kind of friggin’ cool perks my job has! I walked on the continent of Antarctica today & there really aren’t too many words that can describe it! So I’m hoping some of the photos I took will do the job for me.
It was insane to see the crazy amount of penguins, the icebergs, & the seals just chillin’ on a floating iceberg! And none of them seemed bothered by us at all. The Antarctic expedition team that is with us is truly amazing & they work very hard to preserve the area & respect the natural habitat. Only a limited number of people are able to go ashore at any one time. No garbage whatsoever can be left there. And you’re not able to approach any of the wildlife at all: they can come to you, but you can’t go to them.
And now for the photos:

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