ARGENTINA! Home of the Tango & EVITA

Due to the fact that the people running our ship can be extremely lame sometimes, our ship got into Buenos Aires about 7-8 hours LATE! Unbelievable! So it caused minor mahem on the ship and when we pulled in we had about 400 guests that had been waiting to board since 4 hours ago. Woops!
But more importantly: this cut down on my port time!!! So I made the most of it by flying to Recoleta Cemetary: one of the most lavish and famous cemetaries in the world. It was stunning. Full of mausoleums and monuments to the rich & famous of Argentina, including the one and only: Eva Peron! She’s buring in the Familia Duarte mausoleum with her family.
That night the entire cast went out to La Ventana, one of the best Tango shows in the world. And it was amazing! I have never liked Tango before, but I guess it was because I had never seen it done like the Argentenians do it! the dancers were unreal, the orchestra was unreal, and even my rum & coke was unreal! If you’re in Buenos Aires I highly recommend this place!
We got to see the most spectacular lightning storm after the Tango show before Mother Nature hurled her fury at us! But the next morning was clear & calm and I got 2 hours of good shopping and errands done!

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