Across the Atlantic to RIO!

I survived the Atlantic Crossing from Cape Town, South Africa to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was long. It was boring. It was a memory I’m already trying to forget! Now the ship is back in ports here in South America and I remember why I decided to do this cruise ship! ‘Cause it sure as hell ain’t for the sea days!
The beaches of Rio were great. It really is true: speedos rule in South America. It’s all the boys wear so Matt & I celebrating by going out and buying our very own to match the locals! I have a red one like the guy on the beach in my pic….now i just have to work out to get a body like that!
We took a cable car up to SugarLoaf mountain. It was SO cloudy & the opposite cable car came zipping out of a cloud & we couldn’t even see it until we were right next to it.
I got some pictures with a CARNIVAL costume. They’re just in preparations for CARNIVAL now. Our ship will be there for it next year in February. I’m sure it’ll be C=R=A=Z=Y!
And, of course, I went to see Christ the Redeemer at the top of Corcodova mountain. It was a cloudy day and you couldn’t see the “big guy” from the ground. But once we got up there the clouds lightened up a few times for me to get a pic or two. It was pretty cool to be right there at his feet.
And then there was the Rio nightclub called “HELP”…..and good gawd, could we ever have used it! We got there early and slowly but surely the Rio Ladies of the Night came to the club to work their magic. It was SO odd to see so many hookers all in one place! The club was just packed full of solo girls standin’ around workin’ their thang. And of course there were the businessmen who probably have wives and families at home. It was SO weird! BUT there was a huge dancefloor and all the ship people had a WILD time dancing all night! We made our own magic and a few enemies too when the others saw us out just to have fun without paying!!! Yikes!

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