Walvis Bay – Namibia

I took a shore-excursion trip in Walvis Bay because it was a Sunday and most things were closed. It turned out to be a total RIOT!
It was a dolphin & seal water tour. I got TOTALLY sea-sick the first part of the tour as we headed out into the ocean! I was seriously looking for a place to barf overboard when the boat slowed down for our sightseeing! We had some amazing pelicans fly right alongside our boat for a while. They were beautiful.
I have video footage of a dolphin swimming with our boat. It was amazing! But I have pics of a real shocker: this wild seal swam up to our boat and jumped RIGHT onboard with us! He came right inside, sat on our seats, and just looked at us. It was so unreal! Then our captain had to throw some fish overboard to get the seal to jump off. It worked. The camped gunned the engines. But this amazing seal ate the fish, turned around, caught up to our boat, and jumped back on again! Everyone onboard was killing themselves laughing. The seal just sat there TOTALLY out of breath and waited for more fish! The 2nd time the captain threw the fish and gunned the engines a little more and we left our friend behind!

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