Cape Town – South Africa

This was the nicest surprise I had in a long time! We pulled into Cape Town right in the middle of a beautiful waterfront area full of shops, resaurants, clubs, and a crazy-huge shopping mall! It was so nice to be able to stock up on a lot of stuff for all the sea-days that are ahead of us as the Marco Polo sails across to South America.
The first night there Matt, Erin, and myself went to Manenberg’s Jazz Cafe where a South African band called MPOH was playing. It was fantastic. It was South African music with dancers and we all LOVED it! And both nights a group of us went clubbing to some place called “the Bronx” (it sounds rough but no one got hurt!!) and another cool place called Cruz that was one of the best decorated clubs I’ve been to in a long time. Good job, Cape Town!
The weather was really beautiful and the scenery even moreso! TableTop Mountain is RIGHT there and we had the most amazing view from the pier. Our ship was only there for 2 1/2 days but I could have stayed for weeks.

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