EGYPT! Cairo & Convoy Country

It’s still a little surreal to me to think that yesterday I was inside the middle of a pyramid.
I had organized a Marco Polo crew tour to the Pyramids of Giza in Cairo. About 110 crew were able to take the trip & it was amazing.
We started with a high-security convoy of 3 buses out of Port Said to Cairo. It was strange to have little jeeps alongside us full of machine gun armed men! We drove along the Suez Canal & then past the Nile River. Then we went to Cairo where you could see the pyramids from the city, I had no idea they were so close.
First we went to the three pyramids where the Grand Pyramid stands above the others. And get this: as claustrophobic as I am, I somehow entered the pyramid & went right down into the centre of it.  When I first saw the tiny hole I had to crawl through I thought: okay, I can do this. Then after I had crouched down to waist height and crawled in? I walked 5 steps, had a claustrophic panic attack, spun around, and walked right out into the air & sunshine again! It was so fast that Matt RIGHT infront of me had no idea I had left!!! But Matt came out, calmed me down, and I thought: when am I EVER going to get to walk into a pyramid again! And I toughed it out and went down into the pyramid right into the chamber where the sarcophagus of the Pharoah still sits. It was hot, there was NO air except for the tiny hole that we entered, and let’s just say that it did NOT smell like fresh flowers! They should sell deoderant before you enter! But, it was an amazing experience!
Then we went to the Sphinx, once again escorted by our bodyguards (I kid you not). It was amazing to see. And we even saw a wild fight break out between the vendors there selling souvenirs. Right there infront of the Sphinx and hundreds of tourists. The men we met in Egypt were very aggressive.
After a long day of sightseeing & shopping we headed back. Our armed convoy of machinegun clad men joined us to escort us back to the ship. We saw another fight break out at the side of the road. Some guy ran at our bus and then another guy grabbed him. Within 5 seconds there were about 8 more guys running at them. The fists were flying, some guy had a bar of wood in his hand and one guy even had a saw in his hand. Ummm…yeah: we were happy to have our bodyguards and armed convoy nearby!
So we drove through Cairo and back to Port Said to join the ship. It was such a nice day to bond with my new cast. I missed my old friends and wished they were there with me like CRAZY. But they were probably safer at home than zippin’ around Egypt in an armed convoy!
As I write this we’re floating in the Suez Canal. Once again, we’re in a convoy of ships with armed protection. And I’ve even noticed undercover officials walking around our ship. AND we have extra security onboard for the next few weeks. I looked on the map of the world today to see exactly where we were…and if ya see where we are, you might understand why all this stuff is in place!
So it looks like I’m safe here! If there are no more blog entries after this then things might have changed! But I think we’ll be just fine!

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