Mykonos – Greeced Quad Kids!!!

Okay, this day could possibly go down as the best day of my contract so far! And of COURSE it involved breaking one of the most important port-contract agreement us performers have!
Us performers are totally forbidden to do any kind of high-risk activity while in port including 4-Wheelers, sky diving, parasailing, etc. So less than an hour after getting off the ship 6 of were flying around the island of Mykonos on 3 Quads!
The rest of the pictures tell the rest of the tale! We saw the ENTIRE island: up, down, behind, and through! It was amazing! Saw some gorgeous beaches including one called SUPER PARADISE BEACH. So there it is: I’ve been to Super Paradise!
And of course: when we got back to the ship we found that passengers had taken pictures of us because we looked like we were having so much fun!!! We were all like: “Great Pics! Don’t you DARE show the Captain!!!” Then again, I’m posting the pics on the internet! I guess it’s maybe not such a good idea! But it was way too much fun not to share!

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