Istanbul – Turkish Baths And Beyond!

Well, I never went to any Turkish baths in Istanbul. It actually sounds kinda painful with some Turkish brute whipping you with tree branches! What ever happened to nice little mud baths and soft, soothing massages?!?!?
Instead I headed to the famous Blue Mosque and had an amazing time. Spent some time there learning about it & it’s history. Right outside is the HIPPODROME where the huge chariot races used to be held. All that’s there now are two obelisques that were at each end of the “track.”
Then I took off to Topkapi Palace, which is the palace grounds of the Sultans. It was unreal to see the palaces, gardens, and homes for all the people that lived there, including a harem of over 400 women.
And to end the day? I spent two glorious hours in the Istanbul Grand Bazaar! It’s got everything from Turkish carpets, scarves, tapestries, and jewellry to every kind of rip-off purse, belt, jacket, and shoe you can name from Dolce & Gabbana to Calvin Klein!

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