Kiel, Germany – PLEASE DON’T JUDGE!!!!

We had an unexpected overnight in Keil, Germany because the waters were too choppy for us to port where we were supposed to. So my friends and I had a wonderful day shopping (back to school sales ROCK in Germany!), having lunch, and then we went bowling & had a RIOT! After a quick stop back at the ship we decided to go out for a “nice relaxing drink”.
Well…….I’ll tell ya now that there was nothing relaxing about this night! But there WAS a drink…or two….or 13! I still can’t quite believe that we’re alive to tell the tale of Kiel, but here are the pics to prove it!
We got to the only large place open on a Monday night serving drinks. So we go in. It’s huge. Has like 6 different theme rooms (disco, rock, alternative, goth, chill-out, etc). We find a room where a tonne of ship crew are. And then the bad, awful, horrific news: ALL drinks are only ONE EURO!
Of course, just to tease me, there’s some Russian dude named Eddy there! So we get talking & drinking. 1 Euro. Heather (our singer with black hair who is TOTALLY trashed in all my photos!) pretty much bought rounds for the entire bar 3 times over! 1 Euro. Some waiters bought an entire bottle of Rum and a 2Litre of Coke and just sat it at our table. It called my name. I drank. That was FREE!
After 1am the details are pretty foggy to me. We danced. I don’t think I stopped laughing all night. Apparently everything was hilarious to me! But the camera was still going so there are photos to prove that I was there! the walk back to the ship is a total blur. I remember Heather crawling 1/2 way home. I kinda remember walking up the gangway of the ship. After that? No clue!
The next morning NO ONE remembered how we got back to the ship, what happened, how we got to our cabins, how we got to OTHER people’s cabins, where our jackets were… was HILARIOUS! But everyone made it safe & sound. Everyone had their purses and wallets. We just left one thing in Kiel & that was our sanity! But hell, we work on a ship. Who needs that?!?!?

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