Goodbye Baltics & Scandanavia!

Allright. So this entry is my farewell to the Baltics & Scandanavia. My ship has left that area & I won’t be back there again with the Marco Polo. It was gorgeous and the air was SO nice! It was nice to be able to wear a nice sweater & jacket once in a while! BUT at the same time, I’ve seen enough fishing towns & villages to last me a long time!
The picture of me & the moose is in Aalborg, Denmark. Yes, PETA people, it’s unfortunately real. But I didn’t kill it and stuff it, I swear!
The other 3 pics are from Amsterdam. There was  random birthday cake in a shop window that was made especially for me, apparently! How they knew that I wear blue pajamas I’ll never know! the picture of the canal is the Red Light District….tame by day! but I’m sure at night there are dirty doings going on! And the team of rowers is just a team of Dutch rowers that happen to be nice to look at! So I added them in too!

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