So these are the pictures from my last time in St Petersburg….but NOT my last time ever! I fell in love with that city & I’ve just GOT to return on my own someday. I met my friend ANDREW (the pic of the boy standing in the rain with a hoodie on) for the first time ever! We had met online after I left Moscow in 2003 and we’ve been email pen-pals ever since. This trip we met in person & had a fantastic time.
The picture of three boys sporting a bottle of Russian vodka are me, Ryan, and my friend Andrew. This was at Club Central Station in St.Petersburg. And, as you can see, Russian vodka had put us in a good mood! DAMN! Look at those circles under my eyes! Can you tell I hadn’t slept in 24 hours?!!?!?
The picture of the boys in PASSPORT CONTROL was a lovely hour I got to spend in Russian customs at 6 in the morning on our way home from the club! We are SUPPOSED to follow some weird Russian rule that we have to enter the port area on a shuttle bus. Well, there are NO shuttle buses to our ship at 6am! The other guys were NOT pleased! But I guess I was more used to this red-tape stuff that really makes NO sense at all! I made friends with some Russian military guy named Igor and he had a good time teaching me dirty Russian words! Eventually we got through and I showered, ate breakfast, and went right back out into town again!
I FINALLY went INSIDE St. Isaac’s Cathedral. I have a few photos from inside. It was simply stunning, as most Cathedrals in Russia are. And I visited Peter’s Summer Garden again for a nice walk.
And for the first time on the Marco Polo, I watched the ENTIRE sailaway. It was so sad to me to be sailing away from St. Petersburg for the last time. It was one of those moments when I just kept watching till I couldn’t see it anymore…….

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