the Russian Count-Down – Shetierey-Trie-Dva-Adin..

The ship finished the Iceland run. It was nice…very refreshing….calm…..but cloudy, rain, and cold! So I’m not so sad to leave all that behind! And not sad at ALL because I got to go to Russia again! Yes….here we go with more adventures in Russia!!!
The TOTAL highlight was being able to meet a friend of mine that I’ve never ever met before. STORY: after I left Moscow in 2003 I went Russia-Crazy and made online pen-friends & stuff. Andrew and I have been writing for almost 2 years now. And two days ago I met him for the first time and it was fantastic, He’s so nice. Polite. Friendly. Speaks English well…….AND he just happens to work at the club I love going to in St.Petersburg! He started working there about a month ago.
The pictures of the gardens with statues everywhere are of Peter’s Summer Garden. It’s smack-dab in the middle of St.Petersburg, totally free, massive, and an amazing way to spend a quiet afternoon just walking and looking at sculptures. It’s so relaxing there.
And yes….that picture of PASSPORT CONTROL was taken by me at about 6am! We didn’t come back to the ship on a ship-authorized shuttle after the club…we were in a taxi. And the passport dudes were not happy about that & weren’t going to let us back to the ship. But, as before, I made the best of a crazy situation, made friends with a passport soldier named Igor (surprise!) and a Ukranian musician named Alex from another ship who they weren’t letting through either!
And the rest of the pictures are just pics from the night on the town with Peter (blond), Andrey (dark skin), and Ryan (little guy!). We had a RIOT! Russian vodka definately played a part in our fun!

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