Good-Bye Iceland….Hello TORONTO!

Alright! So here are the photos to prove that I was in Iceland! It took a while but I finally got them uploaded. Many of my friends have wondered what the hell Iceland looks like! So here it is! It’s VERY Alberta/BC Rockies in Canada, but with more grass on the mountains rather than just rock. The air here is gorgeous & fresh and pretty much the exact opposite of downtown Toronto!
In Reykjavic I went to an Outdoor GeoThermal pool/spa. It was AMAZING. They say if you haven’t visited a thermal spa in Iceland then you haven’t really been there. So I’m glad I’ve been there! I sat outside in the cool, fresh air inside a huge warm pool. And then they had 4 different hot tubs of varying temperatures along with a big steam room. All I needed was my AVON travel-kit and I would have been all set!
And now I THINK I have a date that I’ll be back in Toronto. I’m scheduled to leave the Marco Polo on October 7th and arrive back on October 14th. So because of actual flying time I’ll be in T.O. LESS than that. But I’m guessing I’ll be in the city from at least the 8th till the 12th. SO despite the fact that I’ll have a million errands to run, I’d still love to see as many people as possible. Because after that I won’t be back until MAY, 2007.

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