So here I am in Iceland. No one really knew what to expect because hell, who goes to Iceland? So we were all excited to check it out…..and it only took about 1/2 hour!
Our first stop was Husavik. Those are the pictures attached to this blog entry. It was small, REALLY fresh air, and for some reason they had a Phallic museum full of penises! So if you ever need to research the topic, I suggest visiting Husavik, Iceland! There was a whale-watching tour through the ship but I didn’t get on it. Apparently almost all of the 200 passengers that went got sea-sick and they didn’t even see any whales! Ouch.
The new face in the pictures attached is RYAN. He’s the new other male singer onboard. We’re losing two of our singers ’cause they quit and I think are shows are going to be quite a bit better with our two new replacements!

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