Return to my MotherLand – Day 2

Day Two

Okay, so this day was just amazing. Relaxing. Peaceful. It was one of those days that makes me want to live in Russia SO badly! And all this after only 2 1/2 hours sleep from clubbing the night before!

I spent the day walking all over St.Petersburg. I started out to Vasilevsky Island where Peter & Paul’s fortress is. There was an international Beach Volleyball competition on and the locals were out sunning themselves and taking walks in the park. SO nice….not to mention the Dolf Lundgren look alike I saw there in a black speedo.

Then I headed toward the centre of town up Nevsky Prospect. Took a few more nice phots of the Cathedral on Spilled Blood. And bought yet ANOTHER Soviet souvenir…this time a tuque! I’m already looking forward to winter so I can wear it! But I did the Russian thing & got a pre-made ice-cream cone for 10 rubles and slapped on my tuque just for the hell of it! I think it was like +28 degrees that day!

The rest of my day was full of sight-seeing around the city. I went to Peter’s Summer Garden which I think is about the size of Edmonton where I grew up in Canada! It was enormous and full of gorgeous sculptures. Saw more sailors and army boys at every turn. Met a little guy while I took a break on a park bench. He was eating a popsicle & I snapped a pic of him and it’s one of my favourite pics now!

I TOTALLY wanted to have a PETA moment to free that little bear on a leash. He’d just sit there all day & his owner would accept rubles for a picture or to touch it or whatever.

So there it is! Another amazing time in Russia. I have to say: I always thought that IF I go back to Russia for a long amount of time it would be Moscow that I’d travel to. But I’m pretty sure it’s St.Petersburg now. It’s an amazing city full of amazing people and culture.


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