Return to my MotherLand – Day 1

So after a long wait I got to go back to St. Petersburg, RUSSIA. And what news do I get the night before? I might not be able to get off because of some new lame rule about my Seaman’s VISA to gain entry to the country. BUT from my brief time in Moscow I learned how to fight Russian fire with fire! So basically, I smuggled myself into the country & had an amazing time!
I bought so much Soviet paraphenalia (does ANYone know how to spell that right?!?) from this totally nice man that runs a Soviet “gift” shop. I think I probably paid for about 3 months rent on his store! It was ALL worth it ’cause I ADORE it. He gave me all the history of each thing I bought & what it all meant and stood for. It was extremely cool.
Then outside the store I meet my newest Russian friend! His name is Igor and I met him just like I met my first Russian friend named Igor in Moscow! He just came up & started yakkin’, found out I was Canadian, and BOOM! Friends forever!
Only problem? He hardly speaks any English. I hardly speak any Russian. We’re gonna work on that!
Then I spent the night at a Russian Folklore show at the St.Petersburg hotel with Heather from my cast. It was unreal! The kind of Russian singing I luv & crazy-amazing Russian dancers!
And to end this day of all days? I head out to club Central Station! It was a fantastic night! Russian drag-shows, go-go dancers, and Russian club music all night!

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