…a switch from Russia

So our ship isn’t allowed to sail into St Petersburg, Russia this week because of the G8 conference. Imagine booking a cruise for thousands of dollars to see Russia & then find out you’re not going there! OUCH! But most of the passengers got a wicked deal to stay on for an extra 11 days to see Russia next week…so things should be cool.
Instead we saild to Poland, which was amazing because it wasn’t on our original itnerary. I took a tour to Gdansk and had a really nice day there. It was HOT and sunny so I finally got to work on my tan again!
10 more days and I get a new cabin on the ship! I’ll have my own fridge! Hot damn!
3 more days and I turn 27! Oh gawd!!!!
I was in Copenhagen the other day & just walked around the city all day. It was fantastic. That’s what this entries’ photos are from. There were kids everywhere! And LOOK at the teacher in the blue shirt! Is that a Brad Pitt look alike or what? If he was my teacher I’d have failed on purpose year after year just to stay in his class!!!!
The statue I’m sitting on is that of Hans Christian Anderson 🙂

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