Ship Shows & Nasty Rumors!

Okay….so a passenger took some random show photos so here they are….not the best quality or aim! But I guess that’s all ya get when you’re trying to take photos in a theatre when you’re really not allowed to! I’ll try to get a crew member to take pics some day of the shows and maybe they’ll turn out a bit better.
Yes, there have been some nasty rumors floating around the Marco Polo about the possibility of me staying onboard the ship until Spring/2007. Well, it’s true. There is a CHANCE, but nothing has been confirmed yet. If I stayed I’d get to see Africa, South America, and Antarctica….so it’d be pretty damn cool. But I still have to wait to see what the office says.

One response to “Ship Shows & Nasty Rumors!

  1. Darren,
    I absolutely love reading your blog and seeing all the pictures! So thank you so much for taking the time to do all this as it gives someone who is stuck at home for the summer like me- something to do:) Looks like you are getting to do and see so much. I\’m so happy for you. Take care, be safe and keep updating!Love Christy

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