Arctic Circle – Who Knew?!?!

So apparently there aren’t many wireless internet signals in the Arctic Circle! So I’m sorry if I haven’t been keeping up with this blog site & emailing all you friends o’mine!
We sailed through the Arctic Circle a couple of days ago…..I think I was in the middle of a BINGO! session with passengers so I didn’t really experience anything too exciting apart from watching old people poke out numbers on their bingo cards!
The highlight of the past little while were the Norwegian Fjords….honestly amazing! National Geographic has them listed as the #1 most scenic area on the globe. They reminded me a LOT of the Rocky Mountains in Canada where I spent a lot of summers & winters when I was growing up….only huge difference were these massive waterways that run within the Fjords. It was SO odd to be on a cruise ship sailing through these little, peaceful, amazing waterways.
Other than that there hasn’t been too much exciting here. Lots of little Norwegian fishing towns. It’s been very peaceful and relaxing. LOTS of fresh air, which I’m loving!

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