Russia: Ya Lublyu Tebya

Oh good gawd! It was even more amazing the 2nd time….I couldn’t get enuf…..I need to go back! Thank gawd my ship goes back 4 more times….but I know that even that won’t be enough!
This trip started off with a trip to the “Black Market”. I bought some Russian CDs and a Russian music video DVD that has a video of my friend’s group: Hi-Fi. I freaked out to find that. And I got a couple cool T-Shirts. And now the prices!!!! CD’s $2.50 each. DVD’s $4 each. T-Shirt $10 each. COME ON!!!
Then I hit the ballet with a tour from the ship. We got to see Swan Lake at the St. Petersburg Palace Theatre. It was okay. The leads were really fantastic. The guy who played the male lead could jump like nothing I’ve ever seen before in a live production. But overall the ensemble seemed not so together. I have to admit that this year’s production of Swan Lake by the National Ballet of Canada was far superior…but honestly: this  was Swan Lake in Russia! That’s pretty cool on it’s own.
And then the nightclub! Went out to a great club called “Central Station“. 4 Floors of rooms, dance floors, bars, stages with drag shows, more bars, and people everywhere. It was fantastic….I loved it….I’m goinig back! I got to party all night. I left the club at 4:30am and it was still light outside (it’s White Nights in St Petersburg so it’s 24hour sunlight!) and the clubs & streets were STILL crowded at this time of night/day/whatever! AMAZING!
So I get back to the ship at about 6am. Eat breakfast. And head out on another tour! Nope….no sleep yet! I went to Catherine the Great’s Palace. It was amazing…huge….$$$$ everywhere…nuts. Got back to the ship and then went out sightseeing on my own all afternoon without ANY sleep and I wasn’t tired at all. It’s like RUSSIA is my RedBull drink or something!

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