Russia all the way!

Hot damn! I think it was the happiest day of my contract when I looked out of the ship and saw St. Petersburg. I LOVED it and never doubted that I would.
DAY ONE: I spent the day in Peterhoff….summer palace of the Tsars. It was unreal. The fountains are stunning. The palace is stunning. The Russian sailors walking around were stunning! You know it’s going to be a good day when your bus drives by about 30 shirtless sailors excercising in the hot, Russian sun (whoa, this is gonna turn into a Harlequin Romance novel!).
At night we went out to a nightclub. It was a typical Russian nightclub with a casino, restaurant, and dance bar. I won $30 at Roulette….that’s a lot for me! There was dancing and a random strip-tease act in the middle to please both the boys & girls!
DAY TWO: Okay. Honestly. Get this: I went on a Hermitage tour on a Monday. The museum is closed on Mondays. Therefore: we had the entire friggin’ place to ourselves! I couldn’t believe it. It was empty and quiet and it was the most amazing tour of the Hermitage I could think of! I spent way too much money on a “Faberge” egg…but I love it and it’s beautiful so I think it’s worth it!
Anyway: I need to be back here for a much longer time! So if anyone knows how I can get a job in Russia let me know!!!!

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